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Java Gourmet

• Fresh gourmet coffee beans are ground just for you,
   one cup at a time
• No monthly rental fee
• No equipment cost
• No Maintenance fees
• No additional cost for supplies: cups, milk, sugar,
   chocolate and cappuccino toppings are included
   inside machine
• Cups are dispensed with finished product, ready to enjoy
• Our Barista Supremo does all the work
• Our service is outstanding
• No mess
• No wasted coffee

Other Guys
• Stale coffee grounds are supplied in a litte packet called pods that may sit for months before you use it. (is that fresh?) Pot and thermos style systems are made with freeze dried coffee or month old, pre-ground coffee. Pot systems use heater elements to keep it hot, in which the coffee burns and them becomes very acidic. (Not recommended for drinking.)
• Equipment rental fees
• Scattered supplies
• Need to mix flavor packets in hot water and avoid spilling
• Very messy
• Lots of clean-up needed
• Lots of wasted coffee
• Additional supply fees: cups, creams, sugar, sticks, flavor packets, and lids. (not included)
• Maintenance fees
• Pods are often stolen for home use, and charged to you

fresh gourmet coffee beans
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